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Madeline A.

All of these negative comments are absolute trash. The service was perfect, the complimentary massage was a fantastic added bonus to the experience (but with that being said, the key word here is COMPLIMENTARY.. why complain about a COMPLIMENTARY service..?) all in all,I had a wonderful experience and my lashes still look amazing and feel healthier than ever. People who write negative yelp reviews are simply petty; keep up the great work!. This spot is amazing and can’t wait to go back.
Ps I doubt yelp will post this review or throw it into the “not recommended” reviews,  but I thought I’d at least try to let the owners and staff know!

Jessica S.

Excellent service! People are very nice and know what they are doing. I am very happy with my lashes. I’ve done it 3 times now and my lashes are much longer and nicer. Very satisfied and I plan on going many many more times!

Arielle M.

Lash Lift NYC is the best! I’ve been getting lash lifts/perms since 2012 and this place is great. I’ve been a loyal customer for two years now. Everyone is so kind and professional and I’m always happy with my lashes. I love the leg massages, too!!

Helen K.

Attentive service, and very affordable. They take the time to explain everything and customize services to your lashes. Will be coming back soon! Highly recommended.

Vandita T.

I had a lash lift with Jina and it was a great experience! She applied a free keratin treatment at the end as well. I was very happy with the results and the atmosphere was relaxing. Jina was meticulous and took her time with my lashes.

Zoe A.

It was my first time getting a lash lift and tint and I must say not only was I pleased with the service and result but the staff is very nice. My lift lasted a long time and it looked very beautiful and natural. I will definitely be coming back. Great place.

Eduardo U.

Amazing service, they explained me everything carefully, it takes from 40 min to 1h so get there with time, they gave me a 10 min leg massage which was wonderful. Make sure to get the Keratine kit they have and follow their instructions to keep your eyelashes healthy and looking great. Thank you guys, you’re awesome.

Jennifer B.

Gina was super nice and listened to every concern I have. It was painless and my lashes look great. I’ll be doing this every few months from now on. Love it! Go here where theyll take care of you, it’s worth it.

Krystina W.

This was my first time visiting Lash Lift NYC and I got the lash lift with keratin. Everyone was super nice and accommodating. The environment was clean and calming as well. Gil first accessed my lashes and told me they were a bit stiff. Therefore, he put a bit of keratin to soften them up and then proceeded with the procedure. He was very informative and professional. It was very relaxing so I lowkey fell asleep. Some time through the process, they offer a complimentary massage and that was very nice. I am really happy with how my lashes look now and I will definitely be coming back!

Bermet K.

They did such a nice job with my lashes, my lashes were broken and weak but after I got it done it felt so thick. Thank you very much!

Pauline V.

As someone with very straight eyelashes, I am so happy I came here! The owner, Gil, greeted me with a big smile and was open to answering all my of questions! The whole environment of the place is extremely calming and well taken care of. Gina took care of my eyelashes and walked me through the entire process as she could tell I was a little nervous. It was not painful, except for the few tugging of the eyelashes, which is normal. There was even a complimentary message in between waiting periods! I definitely recommend this place if you are looking to create some perkiness in your eyelashes!! Thank you Gil and Gina! You guys are wonderful!

Angeline P.

This was my first experience getting a lash lift and tint and I think the pictures speak for themselves! It worked! I went in and they take this process seriously. Someone assessed my lashes, another started the procedure and in between they massages my feet! What more do I have to say! The treatment last a little over an hour. I actually fell asleep. When I was done they were genuinely happy that I had great results! The treatment lasts 3-4 months. They had a mascara that’s semi permanent that lasts 3 weeks that I may go back for! Best lash place in my opinion!

Samantha K.

(This is my first Yelp review so please bear with me) I’ve been going to Lash Lift NYC for probably over a year now and have to say that this is by far the best place to get a lash lift I’ve ever been to. Not only is the actual service incredible-my lashes stay lifted for weeks and their advice always helps me keep them maintained-but the people are incredibly kind and always make me feel at ease. Gil (and all the technicians for that matter) are very kind and accommodating, and the space is very clean and welcoming. Cannot recommend this place enough!

Courtney T.

Spur of the moment booked an appointment here for an eyelash lift and tint and it was a great experience. The salon is clean and the environment is incredibly relaxing. I was a bit nervous about the process but Haley was incredible. She explained the process with each step and answered all of my questions, thoroughly. While we waited for some of the oils to set, Haley included a complimentary message which helped distract the fact that your eyes are closed for almost an hour. I know some people complain of pain, which they explain is due to eye sensitivity, and I was nervous about this. I can honestly say I was never uncomfortable and the entire process was painless. I also read some complaints about the lashes not looking lifted the next sag. I can only speak for myself, but my results were still great the next day and have been noticeable to other people.  Overall, very positive experience and I’ll be back.

Cassi B.

First, very easy to book! I was in NYC just for a few days and booked online the night before 10 am appointment. Gil, the owner politely texted me the next morning with instructions on how to prep for the appointment. I came in with a bad lash lift that left me with some crazy looking lashes! Gil was very thorough in inspection of my lashes before he jumped in to treatment. My lashes look so much better and I’m very pleased with the result!! Overall, wonderful experience.

Caryn B.

Had my appointment here a few weeks ago while I was in town visiting my sister. I really enjoyed the environment and the service. As it turns out, I have very dry and stiff eye lashes that didn’t respond well to the treatment. Yulia and the receptionist working asked that I come back in a week for a free touch up because they didn’t achieve the lift that they wanted and were super distraught when I told them that I wouldn’t be in NYC by then. I didn’t mind that the treatment didn’t work that well on my lashes (you live and learn and now I know to moisturize my lashes before a lash lift appointment) but they were very disappointed and felt my lift didn’t meet their standard so they sent me home with a free keratin treatment. Thanks Lash Lift NYC! Overall, I was very impressed with the care and dedication to their clients’ results. I’ll definitely go back the next time I’m in NYC.

Leslianne B.

I’ve been here twice and have not been disappointed! Gina is amazing and all the staff is super friendly and the location is super cute! Highly recommended!

Julie O.

I am updating my review from 2 stars to 5 stars. I originally posted about my results being less than I expected, especially on my right eye lashes. However, I was immediately contacted by Lash Lift and offered a complimentary follow up. I asked to be seen my a different esthetician and made an appointment with Jina. I can’t speak highly enough about how sweet, knowledgeable, and professional she was! She explained to me what went wrong and gave me tips on how to treat my lashes in order to maintain optimal results (i.e. do not use eyelash curler and apply more keratin to my right side since it’s naturally dryer). Now my lashes look even and both are super long 🙂 They didn’t charge me as promised, but of course I left a nice tip for Jina due to the wonderful service. I wish I was given more info about my lashes and how to care for them the first time around, but am very impressed at how kind and fast they were to remediate the situation. I’m very satisfied!

Marianna L.

I’ve never done anything to my lashes before I tried lash lift and was a little bit nervous to do it. But Yulia made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. When I saw my lashes after 1 hour 15 min treatment I absolutely loved it and would totally do it again after it’s gone! The result was better then I could imagine because before I couldn’t see my lashes at all if I’m not wearing mascara because they were too straight. Now they uplifted with natural curl! And it’s so much easier to apply mascara on them when I need it. I love it! Thank you Yulia! I’m very happy with my results!

Natalie R.

These are my real lashes!! I can’t believe it. I got the lift + tint a few weeks ago, and my lashes look amazing. I typically have very fine, blonde lashes. Though they are long, they are very hard to curl. The effects of the service has lasted so long too. I much prefer my natural lashes to the extensions. Way less upkeep, and better for you. The service was very simple, and the keratin keeps them healthy. I love not having to curl my lashes anymore. The price was a good deal for the results, and was very easy to get an appointment that fit into my busy schedule. I will definitely continue to keep getting this service 🙂 Thank you Lash Lift!

Sydney O.

This was my first time getting my eyelashes tinted and lifted and I loved it! They lasted about 6 weeks and the experience was very relaxing

Kelly E.

I got my lash lift done twice at Lash Lift, and I loved it! It was very convenient that I don’t have to use curler or mascara every morning. I’m Asian and I have straight lashes. But the lady who did my lashes lifted them up very naturally and it lasted almost 2 months. I was also very satisfied for my second treatment as well. I also see a big difference when I applied Keratin and when I did not. When I applied it at night, I saw that my lashes got lifted up little more next day. Highly recommend to buy it. Staff were very nice too. Definitely will come back for another treatment!

Casey D.

First time here and just loved the place and the whole experience of getting my lashes done. Staff was very accommodating even if I was running late. The whole process was very ralaxing and each step was explained to me and how to properly maintain my lashes. Its been 3 days post lift and tint and my lashes still looks amazing!

Helen B.

John was so comforting and efficient. I had a very relaxing, pleasant experience. Every step of the lift was announced quietly, putting me at ease. I rarely write reviews, but I really appreciated the care and graciousness that I had at Lash Lift NYC. I admire John’s hard work, it’s apparent that he knows what he is doing, and what is best for each individual’s lashes. I wasn’t going to purchase the keratin, so he gifted me one without hesitation (shh!) I will definitely be a loyal client from now on!!

S K.

I had lashes done here at Lash Lift so many times I lost track. They’re always efficient, the facility is very clean and the people working are really nice.
I also had a Keretin treatment that was fabulous.
The prices are very reasonable, especially for the quality of service.

Belinda S.

Appointments are easily made and they reply promptly sometimes via text. The perming experience (approx 45-60min) is very relaxing – I fell asleep.

I don’t usually spend much on beauty, but splurged to get my lashes permed for a busy season in which I was working long hours with very little personal time and had to constantly make a good impression. To each their own, but I think it was ultimately worth it to help milk my tiny little Asian lashes for all they’re worth. The utility is in saving some time in the mornings not having to curl them before mascara, and always having them in a more perfect curl than I can get with the curler… so that when you apply mascara you can actually see a max effect.

My lash lift stayed in past 4 weeks, but kind of got less “lifty” over time, expectedly.

Whatever position they get permed into is where they stay, eg they’re a little more stiff than unpermed, so I would use a clean mascara brush (from Sephora sample counters) to brush them sometimes before mascara.

They will try to sell you a vial of daily keratin treatment for $20. It is supposedly pretty important… I was not diligent in applying nightly, only applied sporadically, and at my second lash lift the stylist commented at how my lashes were on the dry side bc I hadn’t been using it. So beware, I suppose…

Elsie W.

Had a great experience at Lash Lift! It was the first time I had ever had anything done to my lashes (never had extensions or lifts, etc.) so I was a little nervous. Gil greeted my friend and I at the door and was very informative. The space was clean and relaxing. My technician was Gina and she was AMAZING! Very gentle, thorough and always checked in with me to make sure my eyes were ok throughout the entire process. I can’t wait for my next treatment, thanks Gil and Gina!

Jamie C.

I came here with my friend to get a LASH LIFT+ TINT+ KERATIN service. TLDR: Def coming back.

Price: $84pp with discount* – includes lift, tint, keratin treatment, keratin 1.5ml bottle. (They use the keratin from the bottle if you purchase it and ask you before hand).
*I used the 20% off yelp check in for me and my friend and we split the cost. The next time she will use her 20% and split again 🙂

Location: I work in midtown and this is located right in midtown. So convenient!

Booking: Seamless, I messaged the company on Instagram and the owner Gil answered any questions I had and scheduled our appts with no problem. Gil sends out a text confirmation & reminder beforehand. Be sure to specify that you want a tint and keratin when booking- I didn’t and it was no problem but probably easier for them to prep materials they need for you.

Service: I had Yulia who did a fantastic job, was gentle, and friendly! The whole appt lasted for about an hr. You lay down on a comfortable bed and take off your shoes (no privacy – I saw some ppl like that but I don’t care bc it’s just your lashes…), & get a light leg massage but don’t expect anything crazy. Yulia made sure I was comfortable and was informative, plus answered any questions I had.

Overall Experience: I have straight, fine Asian lashes. I had gotten lash extensions only once before and loved the look but the damage, high maintenance, and upkeep was NOT worth it. LASH LIFT is great bc you don’t have to curl your lashes (which causes breakage Yulia pointed out to me that I had some) and when it starts to gradually “fade” it’s not noticeable like extensions are with huge gaps! I’m definitely coming back for a second lift as Gil said if I keep up with keratin treatments (tiny brush onto your lashes every night), my lashes will be stronger and will hold the second lift even further and has more volume since you have new lashes growing too.

Thanks Gil & Yulia!

Betsy L.

Just had my lashes lifted and tinted here today and was super happy with the experience–and the results! The space is clean and comfortable, the service was relaxing (well, as relaxing as it can be when someone is doing stuff to your eyes 🙂 and the owner/staff are all friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back in 8 weeks for my next appointment!

Emily L.

Making an appointment here is easy. As someone who often doesn’t have an opportunity to call, being able to send a message to make an appointment through the Yelp app is super helpful. They are located in k-town and you do have to enter one of the commercial buildings there to get to their salon. However I quite like the service here and have referred 3 different friends to Lash Lift that all have had positive experiences. I have already been there twice and will be going back for my 3rd service in a few weeks.

For those new to lash lifting, I highly recommend this treatment. Especially if you are like me: have straight lashes and are terrified for lash extensions because your natural lashes will fall out over time. Extensions also will dry out your lashes and make them brittle over time with continued use. I love the results but the long term effects are just not worth it for me.

I have very straight Asian lashes. They do not hold a curl well alone, even with mascara. What I love about lash lifting is it makes my eyes look perkier and more awake without any make up on. Since started to get my lash lift I rarely wear mascara. The lift itself will last 6-8 weeks. Obviously this varies from person to person. I tend to opt for a keratin treatment that I can apply at home in addition to my lift treatment to help keep my lashes well conditioned.

Lash lifts will not change the volume in your lashes. You are working with what you have. But know you can follow your normal routine after 24-hours of service. For me I use mascara to help with volume when I’m looking for a bit more drama in my look and I’ve found that is enough for me.

Cassandra C.

I LOVEEE this place!! It was my first time getting lash lifts or anything to do with my lashes. I did a lot of research on places in nyc and Lash Lift NYC was def the best one. Prices are worth it and The staff is really nice and attentive. Gil and his crew are so sweet and really cared about taking care of my lashes. I got a lash lift and it was so relaxing. They also gave me a massage and that won me over. I’ll def be coming back here!!

Aniqa H.

I had my lash lift done about three days ago, I am extremely happy with the service I received from the lash lift NYC team. Very kind, gentle, and my lashes are still up! I was very hesitant about messing with my eyelashes, about two years ago I got extensions done and no matter what I did, my lashes were never the same. Some how Lash Lift NYC brought the life back to these lashes. Needless to say I will be coming back. Thank you lash lift team!

Sara I.

My first eyelash tint and lift. It was a great experience, even included a massage while we waited on the solution to dry. My eyelashes look better than I expected. Too bad I don’t live here or I would definitely be returning to get a touch up.

Vicky L.

I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a lash lift. It was so much faster than extensions and I really liked the result. That being said, I still have really short eyelashes, and although they are lifted, they didn’t really make much of a difference to my eyes. It does make putting on mascara a little more effective though, and you probably won’t get smudges on your lower eye lid anymore. I’d def try it once to see if it suits you. It is supposed to last 6 – 8 weeks, and I am at the end of week 1 and so far it is holding up (pun intended) I’ll update once I get to the final stretch.

Liz C.

Excellent lash lift and tint services!  No waiting and the appointment took exactly an hour as promised. The results were amazing- the lift is gorgeous and the tint is great. Some of my lashes are unruly and they were beautifully lifted into shape. The staff is wonderful and the bonus massage is very relaxing. No more mascara for me 😉

Grace A.

I love my eyelashes! Very nice service and i was able to get the result i want. It has been a month since i did the perming and the curl is still there. Saves money and time doing eye lash curling with a curler every morning

Sukhdeep L.

After doing my lash lift it was so much noticeable. I love the music, massage and overall work done on my eyelashes. I have no pain at all. Overall amazing experience. Highly recommend!

Frances L.

What an awesome experience. My sister and I had appointments today 4/13/2018 @ 2:00. They were so polite and welcoming. We didn’t have to wait ( some places say 2 o’clock but it ends up being later) ,got us comfy ( shoes off!!) and laid down to get our lashes done. We got the lift and tint and I’m telling you the time flew! The body massage in between the eye-treatment was a plus and a surprise! I was super relaxed which helps especially when someone is touching your eyes. Highly recommend.  Check out my before and after!!

Janie L.

My sister and I came here for our first ever eyelash lifts and it was so amazing. My sister and I are usually very nervous going into spas/treatments because we don’t usually do this kind of stuff and are a little insecure. But this place made us feel so relaxed. The girls who did our lashes were complete sweethearts, and the girl (I forgot to ask her name, but she’s awesome and everyone there is awesome) started massaging me and that was also awesome. She massages my head arms neck shoulders legs, etc. I had a wonderful time and they just made me feel so good. Tip them well because it’s a long process they have to do and it takes a lot of talent and patience.

If you come here, be ready to have amazing lashes and feel very comfortable

I’ll definitely be returning back

Also, if you’re busy and always working or doing something like me and don’t have time to do your makeup, a lash lift is an ideal choice

Carmen L.

This was first time doing anything to my lashes. I decided to get my lashes lifted and tinted since a friend introduced me to the procedure. It costed $110. They don’t accept credit cards ! So it’s cash only or you can use Venmo as a payment!

The technician that worked on my lashes was very detailed and gentle, I barely felt anything as she worked on my lashes. I did,however, opened my eyes when she wasn’t done with the procedure and it stung my left eye just a little bit! Nothing too serious! She asked if I was okay multiple times and used a fan to calm my eyes down. She was very sweet!

Overall, my experience here was very pleasant and will definitely come back for my next lift! 🙂

Yeny M.

My whole experience at LL NYC was excellent I came from the Bronx. The only con that me felt a little uncomfortable was they were speaking in Korean. it was my first time and the process was very comfortable. The technician was so light handed, I barely felt her working on me. She even gives you a nice leg massage while you’re waiting for the solution to work. This place is  Affordable, friendly and great lashes.

Angie B.

Lash lift was amazing , they treated me so well from when I walked in the door to when I left . I actually wanted extentions but instead I got a lash lift . My lashes look beautiful and they also gave me a massage . The best customer service ever . I will return !

Luz M. C.

Gil very attentive and knowledgeable! thank you so much I get compliments from my coworkers and friends!
I will be back soon!

Quyen L.

I’ve been loyal to another lash place for 2 years but I felt like the work wasn’t as good anymore so I was in search for a new place. I came across LASH LIFT NYC via searching online and YELP (reading everything I could about this place). After 2 months I decided to give this place a try.

My whole experience at LL NYC was great. Gil (the owner), my lash tech and I did a thorough consultation. Gil pointed out that my lashes were damaged and he will do a lash lift with minimal damage to my lashes. He spoke with the lash tech who actually was the one who’s going to be doing my lashes. That part made me felt a little uncomfortable since they were speaking in Korean but whatever I thought so long as she’s going to do a great job. Normally I am extremely jumpy and blink like crazy. I jumped only once and didn’t blink like crazy. I fell into a deep sleep.

Surprisingly the application process was very relaxing and not freaking once did I smell anything harsh! Which makes me think “did the other place I was going to using super harsh products?”.

The lash lifting process also came with a massage (major plus!).

The end results I am extremely happy with everything here and I rebooked for my next appointment already. Thank you EJ; you were very professional and sweet.Quyen L.

Brandi G.

Lash lift was great – they explained everything in thorough detail and were very nice and welcoming. Did a great job on my lashes that were straight and are now super curled! Would definitely recommend

Kelsey G.

I’ve been back and forth with wanting to get my lashes lifted. I booked my appointment 4 hours before I got there and they even managed to get me in earlier!

The process was very comfortable, and works wonders. The technician was so light handed, I barely felt her working on me. She even gives you a nice leg massage while you’re waiting for the solution to work.

Gil went through all the information, amazing. The studio is clean, quiet most times (most noise coming from the hallway).

Definitely going back here every time I’m in New York

T C.

Gil and his team were friendly and excellent. They explained the procedure and the options for the lash lift. I’ve had this done once before and this experience was better, quick and efficient. The space is nice and open, with tasteful and simple decor. I will defintely come back! I am so pleased with my lashes!

Shelby D.

I went here yesterday afternoon to get a lash lift and I have nothing but praise. The place itself was super nice and tidy and Sun and Gil were both very friendly and accommodating. The procedure was about an hour I’d say and the complimentary massage was also a plus. My lashes which are originally long and only slightly curl are now super curly and beautiful thanks to Lash Lift NYC! Will definitely be back in 6 weeks for another lash lift.

Celia S.

I truly enjoyed the entire experience, having tried so many places before for eyelash perm.  I like how they explained on the website and in person about the process, and how some people do not like eye lash extension (that’s me!) and why this works for those people (I agreed!). I did the eyelash lift and tint and am very pleased with the result.  My eyes have always been a bit sensitive so I did feel a bit of discomfort during the process on my top eye lid, but Elizabeth has been patience and kept wiping tears off my eyes (lol) and checked on me often.  Thank you for such great service, I’ll be back in another 6-8 weeks for another one!  Happy Holidays!

alejandra P.

Gil is great. I was having some trouble with my lashes after the lift, but Gil explained the problem to me (dryness), fixed them, and told me how to keep them healthy.

Jake S.

Been tinting the lashes for over 15 years. Out of my usual 3 salons – Lash Lift is the new winner!
Has my business exclusively now.
Affordable, friendly and great lashes.
Gil & staff are terrific!

Sarah M.

Did the Lash Lift for the first time and I love it! I won’t need mascara for 6-8 weeks. I was 10 minutes late to my appointment due to train delays but the staff was understanding and kind. The process is relaxing- I almost fell asleep. They even give a short complementary massage while your lashes are being curled. I love the results and already have my next appointment scheduled.

Sunshine S.

I’ve tried lash lift/lash perm from so many other places.
And this is the BEST!!!
I was a little bit concerned about my lash condition after I checked a few reviews on Yelp. But they recommended me the Keratin bottle($20) and my lashes are looking even better than before!
I will definitely come back here for the lift and tint next time!

A Z.

Really happy with the results from here. I’ve tried many lash perms and lash lifts from other places and so far, Lash Lift is the best. Gil takes time to explain the condition of my lashes and what the process will entail to get my eyelashes lifted.
The process for me was more involved since my lashes had been previously permed from elsewhere and was going all directions, so I had to get them straightened out first.
You can tell they want to provide the best service and are very patient and thorough.  Love the results of the lash lift!

Amanda G.

This was my first time getting an eyelash lift and I was a little nervous. That was quickly erased. The process and technique were explained and I was made very comfortable. I got an eyelash lift with keratin and the whole process took about an hour, a very relaxing hour I might add. Almost fell asleep a few times. Very happy with the results and the courtesy and professionalism of the staff. I’ll be going back!

Jing F.

Came here for a lash lift; too bad my natural lash wasn’t that long and thick/the owner is very friendly and offer some great advise

Shari G.

First time client and had a very professional and successful appointment. I enjoyed the time there and obsessed with my lashes. Thank you Gil!

Amil M.

I am very particular about my lashes, and this place is awesome. Gil does a great job, and he always takes care of my lashes very well. In fact, I care a lot about cleanliness, service etc. and this place tops. My allergies don’t act up and price point is great. Highly recommend!

Carolina G.

My eyelash lift+tint was done almost two months ago before I went on vacation to Cuba. Like everyone else who is desperate enough to get an eyelash lift, my eyelashes SUCK. There’s nothing on this planet that can even slightly hold them up. I didn’t want to have to curl my eyelashes twice a day while on vacation so I thought I’d give it a chance, even though I honestly didn’t have much hope. Y’all don’t understand my disbelief when I saw my lashes once she was done. I had them done a month and 3 weeks ago and I still have some eyelashes that are curled. I couldn’t believe how bright eyed and cute my eyes looked, even when I was at the beach or hiking. Please, if you’re piggy lashed like me-GO TO GIL!

Adrian H.

This is a late review, but I feel the urge to write one because Gil provided such fantastic service. I had my lashes lifted back in June. It is now August and they still look good! (They looked amazing right after the treatment.) Gil was very informative and professional. He’s definitely not one of those people who try to get every penny out of you. He assesses your lash condition and tells you exactly what you need. I highly recommend this place. Thanks again, Gil!!!

Cecilia W.

Gil is extremely professional and knowledgable about the lash lift technique – I’ve been to several places before and Gil is one of the best. He explains everything and takes his time throughout the whole process to make sure your lashes are perfect!

Gizem Y.

Where do I begin? Gill is an amazing being himself! He’s so passionate about his professional that you can tell he loves his job while he is performing it! This is my second time getting my eyelash lift and tint and I am absolutely loving it! I am really picky with what I am putting on my body and I love this experience! Moreover it is so relaxing and calming environment that when I go there I really took a relaxing day nap while he is pimping my eyelashes and I pretty much wake up like a princess with my lashes. I put mascara on for more dramatic look. He made a loyal costumer by just making 2 sessions amazing! Thank you so much Gill!

Kelly P.

I came here for my first lash lift & tint almost two months ago and wasn’t sure what to expect. Gil made me very comfortable and explained the process to me. While undergoing the process, he gave a really pleasant massage and had relaxing music on. It was definitely different than my last extension or brow tint experiences have been in the past. The customer service is great and he makes sure you know exactly what you are paying for. It’s worth the experience and I love my lashes! Will be getting them redone, but it’s been two months and they still look great!

Emma I.

My first time getting my lashes done and I have to say I am floored at how amazing they look! Gill was very professional and meticulous making sure every single lash was taken care of. I’ve gotten my lashes tinted before but this is the first time they actually colored them right to the root!! I have very blonde eye lashes so you can easily see when they aren’t tinted well.

I will definitely be a regular client of Lash lift NYC, I would venture to say they are the best in the city!

Joanne W.

Gil is great, he explained everything step by step. The only issue I have is the tint technician, tint went into my eyes and started burning.. But overall my lashes looks AMAZING!!!

I LOVE THEM and definitely will go back!!!

Vivian Z.

As my first lash lifting experience, Gil was absolutely perfect. He made me feel comfortable the whole time and explained exactly how the procedure works. He answered all of my newbie questions.

I came in with a Groupon deal ($45 for Lash Lifting only). My eyes were a little bit irritated at first (maybe because I’m not used to the procedure), but Gil noticed I kept tearing in my right eye and he realized it was because my upper lashes kept hitting he lower part of my eye so the serum probably got into my eye a little. To fix it he held down the lower part of my eye for the remainder of the treatment!

I also got a complimentary massage (head, shoulders, and feet) that I didn’t expect! It was so relaxing.

Gil talked to me the whole way and I felt really comfortable in his hands. He spoke to me about lashes and how they were weak and sensitive and recommended a very good lash conditioner. As an added bonus he gave me a serum that’s supposed to help with my lashes since they were going to end up being dry for a few days after the first lifting, for FREE! I really appreciated his recommendations and how much he cared about the health of your lashes, other places would do the services you ask for and not even care.

10/10 would recommend and definitely coming back in 6 weeks!

Frankie V.

So welcoming so humble does amazing work! I’m super obsessed with my lashes no complaints at all definitely will be back and will be recommending this place to all my friends my lashes look so stunning and my eyebrows best of all there all mine all he did was bring them to life…. he’s definitely is an eyelash goddess in my bible lol

Kristina V.

I called for a last minute appointment for a friend and I in which Gil was able to accommodate with no problems. We arrived to this beautiful space in Korea Town and were pleasantly surprised. It was very clean and the atmosphere was quite relaxing. We both got a lash lift and tint and we were extremely pleased with the results. This was our first time getting a lash lift and Gil told us each step of the process and how to care for our lashes after. The results are amazing! I cannot wait to go back… check out their Instagram for true results.

Izable K.

This was my getting a Lash Lift & Tint by UPAMA She is Good! I’m super obsessed with my lashes. That’s definitely is an eyelash goddess in my bible LOL ! There’s Amazing place .

Jose B.

My friend Megan had told me about lash lifts and I was very impressed with her results. The problem was that she lived in Los Angeles where there are tons of places that offer this service. Living in NYC, I found lots of places that did false lash extensions but not a lot of lash lifts. Luckily, I found Lash Lift NYC on Groupon. The entire experience was amazing! It took a little over an hour but the vibe was so relaxing and calm I felt like I could nap while he did it. When I saw the results, I was beyond impressed and completely satisfied when people asked me if my lashes were real. I chose the option with Keratin and it’s been almost a month and they still look fresh. I highly recommend this place for anyone! I’m a guy and it didn’t make my eyelashes look too feminine, just perfectly curled and even. It makes me look like I’m wide awake.

Dasol J.

Lash lifting is the new lash extensions! It’s been three weeks since I got my very first lash lifting done here & I’m still very satisfied. I look more awake & natural than ever. I skip curling my lashes in the morning & move straight to applying mascara. Gil makes sure that the process is smooth and relaxing. I woke up to great lashes after a nap. I will be back because it’s addictive.

Valerie G.

GIl is AMAZING! This was my first time getting a lash lift + tint and he talked me through the entire process so that I understood each step and product used in the treatment. After 1.5 hours, I had perfectly lifted, natural, beautiful lashes. No need for my eyelash curler anymore, just a coat of mascara and my Asian eyes look big and bright.

Will definitely come back every two months for my touchup.

Kristin M.

The best!! I’m so happy with my results! Gil is amazing and the whole staff there takes such good care of you!! And a massage while the lash lift is processing?!?! It doesn’t get better then that! My lashes look incredible!! Perfect for the hot weather and the summer! Amazing!!!

Leticia C.

My friend and I came together to this place to get lash lifts for the first time. I have long straight lashes so thought this would be better than getting eyelash extensions. Gil was amazing throughout the whole process! He explained every step to me and told me how to care for them after. This is an amazing place, really friendly and knowledgeable.

Shay D.

Gil is Fantastic !! I had a last lift + tint on Monday 6/19, and I love it. Gil was such a pleasure to work with, he talked me through step by step. I felt completely comfortable and my nervousness went away instantly. I love my results, so natural and beautiful. I would return for this service, as Gil did a wonderful job and has such a friendly demeanor. A nice touch, is that he text me a couple days after to see how I like my results.. such a nice personal touch.

Marisha S.

My eyes look more awake & flirty! I’m so happy I got my eyelash permed up. It brings out my eyes & I’m noticing more attention from people. The process was comfortable. I highly recommend this place for those wanting to enhance their lashes!

Sabine K.

I’ve never done anything to my lashes before except for mascara so this was my first time getti g lash lift. They explained everything to me and they were really friendly. The result was wonderful. I loved and recommend this place!!!

Alina C.

I visited on 6/09 and decided to post my first yelp review. The experience is great. I use eye curler every time and I pulled my lashes out when I was in a rush. I’m a lazy person so I started searching for eyelash extensions. I accidentally saw the Lash Lift NYC and felt curious about it. It seems to fit all my needs – no lash pulling, no glue, no filling every 2 weeks. Plus, it’s very easy to find it (in k-town). I had lash lift and tint. My lashes look really good, better than my own lash curling. So far, they stay upwards after I had a tiring, hard journey in national parks and grand canyon. I also got advice on my lashes. I’m going to buy the revitallash conditioner to take good care of my thin Asian lashes lol. Although I’m moving to NC next week, I’ll try my best to come back with my thicker lashes!

Sinae K.

This is my first yelp review and I really had to write this. This place is amazing. !!! I actually was a little doubtful at first, because it was my first time trying eyelash lift. I’d been getting eyelash extension and sometimes I got bloody eyes or my eyes were so itchy because of the glue. But I decided to try, because they were doing awesome opening promotion and the deal was great enough to convince me.
AND THIS! Eyelash lift was so natural and beautiful! I was a little bit worried about the lift because I thought my lashes are too short to lift(I’m Asian). But, the technician, Gil told me that my eyelashes were long enough to do lash lift and it came out perfectly.
Gil Lee, the technician was so professional and knew what he was doing. He attentively explained each procedure every time he applied. He is the best technician I’ve ever come across. I think I would never go back to eyelash extension anymore!
Thanks lashlift.NYC. I’d definitely recommend lashlift. Nyc to all my friends who are suffering from annoying eyelash extension 🙂

Ashley A.

Absolutely fantastic! They play soft music so I ended up falling asleep because it was so relaxing. My eyelashes look fantastic and I will definitely be going back in 6 weeks. If you ever wanted to have your eyelashes long and beautiful without mascara this is the place to go.

Laurie Y.

Gil at Lash lift is awesome! He is so knowledgable and explained each step of the process to me. My lashes came out amazing. It has made my morning routine so easy. I don’t even need mascara in the morning. I would highly recommend going to Lash lift.

Nikki D.

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve gotten the lash lift and it’s still curled! Gil is amazing!! It was my first time hearing about and getting the lash lift and Gil was able to explain everything he was doing and what exactly he was putting on my lashes. It only took 45 minutes. It’s a quick and relaxing process and should last 2 months. Looking forward to returning soon!

Naomi L.

I highly recommend this service for improving the look of lashes and I wouldn’t consider having it done anywhere else than LashliftNYC. Gil is an artist and an expert with a calm and kind manner. I’m so thrilled with the results!!!

J C.

I got my eyelashes permed up and tint here. I am very happy with them. As well as pretty look, no need to use curler every busy morning. The place is pleasant and relaxing. Definitely will get the service regularly.

Loreal W.

Gil is amazing! I have the wildest lashes ever. Some are curly and some are straight. They grow in different directions. After Gil lifted my lashes the results are AMAZING! He is super nice and explains everything in details. I love my results and will be going back for regular maintaince.

Sitav N.

I recently had my first eye lash service here and will be coming back for many more. The spa was immaculate and extremely comfortable. Gil have me my first service and explained the procedure before we started. He was extremely careful, attentive and thorough and overall it was a very relaxing hour. At the end my eye lashes looked gorgeous!

Lissette M.

Lash Lift is must go place for eyelash perm service, although is fairly new establishment the location is great amazing staff so pleasant and very professional. my eyelashes look stunning such a dramatic difference to before the eyelash perm, I highly recommend Lash Lift to anyone that wants naturally longer looking lashes and the prices are unbeatable! beautiful service in a convenient setting, I will be back for more service after my lash perm is overdue. thank you Gil for amazing results and service.

Eun L.

Great place!! They made me feel so comfortable and my lashes look soooooo~  nice.  Every morning when I wake up, my own lashes look really long like extension with out anything.  My eyes look so much bigger and brighter.  I had lash lift done several times before from other places; but, lash lift from here was by far the best experience & result ever. And the location is perfect for me.   I will certainly go back and do strongly recommend this place for people with sensitive eyes who need delicate care like me.^^

Amba Z.

I am no novice to lash perming … I have been getting them done for about 15 years. I have straight, downward pointing lashes. Most perms do curl my lashes, but the lift is different because they curl from the root, giving the look of very long lashes. I am really pleased with the results, they totally look like extensions.
My tech was Gil, who took some extra time to show Jun (apprentice) how to perform the service. Gil has such a light touch. I was so comfortable and even fell asleep during the service! He stopped to ask me how I was feeling many times. My lashes look absolutely wonderful. I can ditch my eyelash curler for the next 8 weeks. 
Will be back!

Maria J.

I was looking into getting my lashes lifted for a while but was unable to find the right place. I’m so glad I went to Lash Lift NYC! Gil was amazing and explained everything he was doing step by step. I have long but completely droopy eyelashes, so this lift was perfect for me. All I do now is put on some mascara, and my eyelashes stay up all day! I will most definitely be going back!

Sinae K.

This is my first yelp review and I really had to write this. This place is amazing. !!! I actually was a little doubtful at first, because it was my first time trying eyelash lift. I’d been getting eyelash extension and sometimes I got bloody eyes or my eyes were so itchy because of the glue. But I decided to try, because they were doing awesome opening promotion and the deal was great enough to convince me.
AND THIS! Eyelash lift was so natural and beautiful! I was a little bit worried about the lift because I thought my lashes are too short to lift(I’m Asian). But, the technician, Gil told me that my eyelashes were long enough to do lash lift and it came out perfectly. 
Gil Lee, the technician was so professional and knew what he was doing. He attentively explained each procedure every time he applied. He is the best technician I’ve ever come across. I think I would never go back to eyelash extension anymore!
Thanks lashlift.NYC. I’d definitely recommend lashlift. Nyc to all my friends who are suffering from annoying eyelash extension 🙂

Valerie G.

GIl is AMAZING! This was my first time getting a lash lift + tint and he talked me through the entire process so that I understood each step and product used in the treatment. After 1.5 hours, I had perfectly lifted, natural, beautiful lashes. No need for my eyelash curler anymore, just a coat of mascara and my Asian eyes look big and bright. Will definitely come back every two months for my touchup.