We have constantly been asked if we have lash lifting training course. Now, LASH LIFT NYC provides courses for LASH LIFT & TINT and S.P.M. (SEMI-PERMANENT MASCARA).

Lash Lift NYC was founded in 2017, but we are from Mother company ‘Iris Makeup & Spa’ that was founded in 2007 in USA. Iris Makeup & Spa brought eyelash perm service for the 1st time in NJ, USA.

Since 2007, we have performed eyelash services with various technique and solution, so we are able to achieve the ultimate method for eyelash services.

Lash Lift NYC Academy

Lash Lift & Tint by LASH LIFT NYC allows you to enhance your client’s natural eyelashes, maximize the appearance of lashes without mascara or extensions.

Lash Lift NYC uses the latest version of perm solution which is more safe, more effective and more beautiful than traditional eyelash perm. The new technology allows to curl natural lashes from the root smoothly upward, so your lash can be lifted to the maximum length. Because the service doesn’t require an adhesive but use cream perm solution, it is very safe and easy to maintain. That is why Lash Lift and Tint treatment is very popular to eyelash extension lovers.

S.P.M. (SEMI-PERMANENT MASCARA) is a good replacement of Mascara when traveling or vacation. It is a little different concept from Lash Tint. Lash Tint is coloring, so it makes lash color more black. S.P.M. is also able to make the lash longer and thicker like a mascara on top of more black. Thus, it is very good for people who have very short or thin lashes. And it will make the most ultimate lash lifting result when combining.

Lash Lifting treatment takes 45~60 minutes and lasts up to 6~8 weeks.

Lash Tinting treatment takes 20~30 minutes and lasts up to 3~4 weeks.

S.P.M. treatment takes 30~40 minutes and lasts up to 2~4 weeks.

It is very important to understand the steps of each treatment. However, it is more important  for you to learn how to analyze lashes and perform the technique without bad habits. During the course, we will explain all ‘Can do’ and ‘Can’t do’ in detail.

Course Curriculum

What are the requirements to take a Lash Lift NYC training?

All students are responsible for understanding the requirements in their state or district in regards to be a practicing lash artist or lash technician. In NY and NJ, for instance, skincare license or cosmetology license are needed to perform lash lifting & tinting treatment.

What is the maximum number of students in each training?

To ensure you receive individualized attention, our trainings have a ratio of 6 students to 1 trainer max.

How long does Lash Lift NYC training take?

It takes one day from 9AM to 5PM. It includes theory, live demos, live model practice, business consulting.

If my location is not near NY and NJ, can a trainer come to me?

Lash Lift NYC is happy to come to any location within the US with a minimum of 3 students, based on trainer availability. Email contact@lashlift.nyc to get on the request list!

Do you offer Private 1:1 and what is the cost?

Lash Lift NYC offers Private 1:1 lesson. Please email contact@lashlift.nyc for scheduling and costing.

What happens if I have to cancel?

You can get the full refund if you cancel prior to 4 weeks of training. If you need to cancel within 4 weeks from training, we will deduct 30% from your refund as cancellation fee. We allow you to reschedule one time without processing fee, and there is $150 rescheduling fee applied after that.

How do I get certified?

You need to practice after you take the course. In order to get the certificate, you need to submit 5 “Before and After” photos to us. We will mail you the certificate after reviewing.

Do I need to bring a model for the training?

Yes, you need to bring a model. If you don’t have one, we prepare a model for you, and we charge $50 for it.